High-performance synchronized imaging

The FASTCAM Multi is a unique high-speed camera system featuring two compact and lightweight, sealed camera heads tethered to a remote processor. Benefiting from a high light sensitivity sensor delivering 1.3 megapixel resolution at 4,800fps, built-in data acquisition and options for long duration direct-to-SSD recording with the additional of the optional FASTDRIVE, the FASTCAM Multi is truly innovative.

Onboard and Offboard multi-head imaging

The FASTCAM MH6 comprises upto six miniature camera heads coupled to a central processor which ensures precise synchronization of all views. All components are tested for high-G operation; therefore, the FASTCAM MH6 is ideally suited for onboard and offboard applications in the automotive and defense industry.

Production line imaging

The PhotoCam Speeder has been engineered to enable you to easliy capture those costly and time consuming production line jams by letting you set up the high-speed cameras and LED lights before leaving the system continously recording for up to eight hours.