A single camera can capture Six Degrees of Freedon (6DoF) motion by shooting a special marker. 


  • 6D Data from a single camera
  • Simple to setup and use
  • Works with any camera or framing rate
  • Available with two target sizes

Traditional 3D motion analysis requires a complicated setup procedure, where at least two or more cameras have to be precisely positioned and calibrated using an intricate procedure involving a dedicated jig.  Once this has been completed,  dedicated software has to track and measure any points of interest as they move through space in all three axis (X, Y and Z). Further calibration and equipment might be required if you need to also extrapolate the objects attitude with regard to its roll, pitch or yaw.

Photron’s 6D-Marker greatly simplifies this process. It utilizes a high precision lenticular marker that enables any single camera, of any resolution or framing rate, to quickly and cleanly measure the object of interest’s six coordinate sets in free space. These six coordinate sets are referred to as 6D, or 6DoF (short form for six degrees of freedom).

Furthermore, if the original camera and lens combination are available, it is a straightforward matter to recreate a model to analyze previously recorded videos, regardless of their resolution or recording speed. All that is required, asides from the 6D-Markers being affixed to the test subject of course, is that a calibration file is produced with a simple procedure requiring nothing more than a 2D checkerboard calibration board be moved around within the desired field of view.


                  ·         Biomechanics

                  ·         Vehicle impact safety testing

                  ·         Robotic pick and place

                  ·         Aerospace