Automated Motion Analysis for 3D and 6D Data Requiring any Single Camera

Traditional 3D measurement techniques require a minimum of two cameras, precisely located through complex calibration procedures, to produce multiple data streams that must then be correctly synchronized to enable analysis to produce 3D or 6D data. The new proprietary lenticular 6D-MARKER™ from Photron provides engineers with the ability to automatically analyze and plot true 3D and 6D, also referred to as 6DOF (six-degree of freedom) coordinate data from a single camera view. Furthermore, the calibration process is vastly improved over conventional methods, requiring a single video to be made of the supplied calibration card, using the desired camera and lens FOV. The calibration file created can then be used whenever the same camera and lens configuration are adopted for future tests. 

As your test takes place, the Variable Moiré Pattern (VMP) bars and Flip Detection Pattern (FDP) on the 44mm square marker are automatically detected, tracked and analyzed by the Photron 6D-MARKER Analyst™ software to produce precise 6D (X, Y, Z, roll, pitch and yaw) data. Furthermore, the unique QR code in the markers center identifies each marker with a unique visual code to enable multiple markers (up to 32) to be identified and tracked simultaneously. 

Photron 6D-MARKER Analyst™ software can track any suitable video, regardless of its source, be it high resolution, real time or prerecorded, time-lapse or high-speed. Data from any camera capable of outputting AVI, MP4 or WMV video formats, or bitmap, PNG to TIFF image sequences can be tracked and analyzed. Plus, 6D-Marker Analyst can directly control the latest high-speed cameras from Photron, and specific Gig-E and/or USB3 machine vision cameras from Basler and Toshiba.


  • Biomechanics
  • Vehicle Impact Safety Testing
  • Automotive Safety Testing 
  • Robotics
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Kinesiology – understanding worker performance 

System Includes

  • 6D-Marker Analyst Installation CD x 1 
  • Marker Files CD x 1
  • License Dongle x 1
  • Calibration board (362mm or 687mm) x 1
  • 6D-Marker 4mm x 4

Operational Accessories

  • Additional 6D-Marker 44mm
  • 6D-Marker 200mm
  • Additional Calibration Board (362mm or 687mm)
  • Additional 6D-Marker Analyst Software License
  • Marker Center Sheet
  • Selected Toshiba Teli USB Cameras
  • Selected Basler USB Cameras
  • Newer Model FASCTAM Series High-Speed Camera