Press Releases

Photron Introduces PhotoCam SpeederV2 – Portable, Standalone High-Speed Camera System for Production Fault-Finding

SAN DIEGO, CA -– August 1, 2016 -– Photron USA, Inc. A global leader and manufacturer of high-speed digital cameras and software for slow motion analysis, introduces the PhotoCam SpeederV2. The portable, standalone high-speed camera system is specially designed for production fault-finding. Intuitive and easy to use, the camera system allows workers to quickly view… Read more »

Photron 2015 Year in Review

Highlights: Mini AX200 release. Speeder release. 2015 started as it so often does with two shows the first week of January! The SICB  experimental biology conference was held in West Palm Beach where we showed our low cost high-speed video camera, the FASTCAM Mini UX50 which starts at under $20K. We also attended the AIAA’s… Read more »

High-Speed Cameras – and Equally Exciting Education

At Photron, there are many things we love about our industry and what we do. As we provide our high-speed cameras to clients, we know we are an integral part of helping them achieve their goals—whether it’s decreasing material deformation in military applications or eliminating faults in a manufacturer’s production line. We also know that… Read more »

Get To Know Photron

Photron was established in the year 1974 and was actively involved in the production, sales and service of professional film and video equipment, and photo-instrumentation. They also offered photo optics and electronic technologies to manufacturing industries, medical field, film laboratories, major movie and television studios, as well as to the military worldwide. After building its… Read more »

Photron launches new User Support website

Photron, world leader in high speed imaging technology, is pleased to announce the launch of an enhanced User Support section of the Photron website.  To provide Photron camera users with easy access to support resources the Photron website will provide answers to Frequently Asked Questions relating to high speed imaging. Through the website download center… Read more »

Photron Launches Chinese Website

Photron is pleased to announce that alongside the opening of its new Chinese subsidiary company in Shanghai it has launched a new Chinese language website. URL:

Photron Establishes Chinese Local Subsidiary Company in Shanghai

Photron is pleased to announce that its new Chinese subsidiary company has been established in Shanghai on 20th August 2012. This new subsidiary company will allow Photron to provide enhanced marketing and support to its customers in China. Local equipment service facilities located at Photron Shanghai will deliver effective and efficient technical support for users… Read more »

Photron launches YouTube channel

Photron is pleased to announce the launching of the PhotronUSA Youtube channel.  On the channel, a variety of videos taken by Photron high speed cameras will be posted.  Please subscribe and watch the latest videos.

Photron launches Facebook Page

Photron is pleased to announce the launching of its latest online presence at Facebook. Andrew Bridges of Photron USA commented “The intention is to make more information about Photron’s high speed camera products, our calendar of events, where people can see our high speed video camera first hand, and other relevant information more available through different… Read more »

Photron launches updated high speed video gallery

Photron, a world leader in high speed camera technology, is pleased to announce the launching of its new high speed video gallery on the Photron website. Showcasing slow motion videos from a wide range of Photron high speed camera systems, the gallery is broken down in to key application sections including, automotive, fluid dynamics, ballistics,… Read more »

Photron Launches New Website

Photron is pleased to announce the launch of its new improved website. The upgraded and updated website aims to provide visitors with informative content related to high speed imaging technology and information on the Photron range of digital high speed imaging systems.As a world leader in specialist digital imaging technology Photron has gained a reputation… Read more »