2D Birefringence Measurement Systems

Provide high-speed birefringence measurement of transparent materials for residual stress evaluation, or transparent films for the evaluation of phase uniformity, ranging from microscopic (~50cm) in the visible and NIR spectrums.

The PA series measures birefringence and phase difference in glass and other low phase different target, with high resolution of 5 million pixels at high speed, for low phase difference with a measurement range of 0 to 130nm.

The WPA series expands the measurement range of phase difference from 0 to 3,500nm by measuring birefringence / phase difference distribution over three wavelengths and can be used for measuring large transparent resin products.   


High-Speed Polarization Camera / Interferometer

The world’s fastest polarized high-speed camera to visualize the “internal stress” and “orientation structure” of transparent materials. The Photron Crysta is a high-speed polarization camera for dynamic two-dimensional analysis of birefringence and is a powerful tool to understand phenomena such as birefringence, retardation, stress and impact fracture mechanisms of materials and fluids.  


In-line / off-line mapping-type birefringence measurement system

An automated high-speed polarization scanning system to inspect and record, with a high degree of phase shift and principal axis orientation uniformity, the birefringence in optical film production lines with high accuracy in real time, both on the production line and in the research lab.

Our Kamakiri system can be custom engineered to fit any production line. We have manufactured and installed systems for 200mm width measurement and large systems exceeding 5m production line widths. 


Polarization Imaging Camera

Our PI / WPI cameras are capable to obtain polarization information real-time, as a normal image, and a high-resolution. They are used in many areas including recognition of dark objects using their polarization signature, real-time polarization monitoring of laser beams, etc.

In addition to PI capabilities of recording the Degree of Linear Polarization (DOLP) and man axis orientation angle, our WPI systems provide full-fledged recording of the stokes parameters and Degree of Polarization (DOP), which is necessary in partial polarization situations.


Ellipsometric Measurement

For high-speed, non-destructive, high-accuracy measurement of thin film thickness & refractive index at high resolution. We support quality management and process control with unprecedented data volume and software functionalities adaptable to your needs.

High-speed evaluation of full area wafers (up to 12 inches). Using the unprecedented amount of data, you can provide feedback to your troubleshooting process and bring your quality control to a new level.

High-resolution – In addition to its large surface measurement capabilities of wafers up to 12 inches, our ME-210 (-T) provides a high-resolution mode, allowing zooming into areas as small as a few micrometers.