Motion when captured and replayed by a high-speed camera of an event that is too fast to be observed by the naked eye can reveal amazing and often unexpected detail about processes that have an impact on our every day lives. For many years high-speed imaging cameras have been utilised by both company and university research and development groups, manufacturing sites and also to produce content for TV and Film production. Access to this technology has generally been restricted to those with relatively large budgets; however, many smartphones and consumer video cameras now also come with limited high-speed shooting capability and the potential of slow motion video capture is now being more widely recognised and appreciated; furthermore; not only does the use of slow motion imaging realise new scientific discoveries it also serves to both inspire and entertain. Thus the motivation of this Slow Motion Video Award is to gather and share compelling slow motion videos captured with high speed cameras, to spark new ideas and interest in the unseen world around us. Slow-Motion Videos captured by equipment from any manufacturer are welcome. The winning entries will be published on the Award website and will be accessible to the public. We look forward to receiving your entries. Official Website:


Application Deadline: Friday, September 21st, 2018 Applicable Images: Slow motion images captured at a frame rate of 500 frames per second or more with any kind of cameras; duration should be 5 to 60 seconds. Applicant Eligibility: Anybody can apply as an individual, a group, a society or a company. Application Procedure: Visit the official website and select “How to apply” then “Register” and complete the form provided.

Announcement of the winners

The winners will be announced at the 32nd International Congress of High-speed Imaging and Photonics (ICHSIP-32) held at University of Twente – Enschede – The Netherlands, October 8 to 12, 2018 The winners will be notified before the conference, and announced on the web site after the conference.


Dates: October 8 to 12, 2018 Conference Venue: University of Twente – Enschede – The Netherlands

Contact and Inquiry: Office for SLOW MOTION VIDEO AWARD  E-mail: