The ultrahigh-speed FASTCAM SA-Z provides megapixel image resolution at frame rates up to 21,000fps and exceptional light sensitivity (monochrome ISO 50,000) with 12-bit dynamic range delivering the ultimate imaging performance. The FASTCAM SA-Z provides frame rates greater than 2 million fps at reduced image resolution and shutter speeds as short as 159 nanoseconds (export restrictions may apply).

FASTCAM SA-X2 brings together unique CMOS image sensor technologies and digital imaging expertise to provide optimum imaging performance. The system offers recording rates up to 13,500fps at megapixel image resolution with 12-bit dynamic range and high image quality. Frame rates greater than 1 million fps are available at reduced image resolution with shutter speeds as short as 293 nanoseconds (export restrictions may apply).

The entry level product for the SA series, the FASTCAM SA4 operates at megapixel resolution to 3,600fps and reduced resolution to 500,000fps.

The FASTCAM SA1.1 provides megapixel resolution to 5,400fps, and reduced resolution to 675,000fps.

The FASTCAM SA5 offers high frame rates to 7,500fps at megapixel resolution and reduced resolution to over 1.5 million fps, and extremely short interframe times to 369 nanoseconds, making it the perfect choice for PIV imaging and other similar applications. 

The 2.67 megapixel FASTCAM SA6 provides full 1080HD image resolution to 1,500fps & reduced resolution operation to 75,000 fps.

The FASTCAM SA2 is a 4.0 megapixel high-speed camera, providing 2048 x 2048 resolution to 1,080fps and 1080HD image resolution to 2,000fps with HD-SDI video output.