Photron provides a wide range of high-speed cameras with exceptional light sensitivity for slow motion analysis. Our FASTCAM series offers megapixel resolution to 21,000 frames per second (fps) and 4 megapixel rsolution, producing true HD images at up to 2,000fps.

Photron FASTCAM Viewer software (PFV) provides a comprehensive and integrated imaging software trusted by professionals in a diverse range of industrial and scientific high-speed imaging environments. PFV software has been designed to provide an intuitive and feature rich user interface for the control of Photron high-speed cameras, as well as data saving, image enhancement and simple motion analysis.

Photron offers a standard 2-year warranty on all new camera purchases. We believe in the reliability of our products and we guarantee your satisfaction. No other organization in our industry offers this unique warranty. We fully stand by our products and want you to be 100% satisfied. Photron offers in-house support staff, we won’t send you to a call center because we care.

Utilizing a photonic-crystal micro polarizer array of different orientations for individual pixels fitted to a high-speed CMOS sensor, the Photron CRYSTA series of high-speed polarization cameras can obtain the optical intensity information necessary for polarization measurement with one exposure. Moreover, the sampling rate of this novel image sensor is 1,000-fold faster than that of the conventional systems because the polarizers are connected to unique parallel reading circuits.