Photron provides a wide range of high-speed cameras with exceptional light sensitivity for slow motion analysis. Our FASTCAM series offers megapixel resolution to 21,000 frames per second (fps) and 4 megapixel rsolution, producing true HD images at up to 2,000fps.

Photron FASTCAM Viewer software (PFV) provides a comprehensive and integrated imaging software trusted by professionals in a diverse range of industrial and scientific high-speed imaging environments. PFV software has been designed to provide an intuitive and feature rich user interface for the control of Photron high-speed cameras, as well as data saving, image enhancement and simple motion analysis.

Utilizing a photonic-crystal micro polarizer array of different orientations for individual pixels fitted to a high-speed CMOS sensor, the Photron CRYSTA series of high-speed polarization cameras can obtain the optical intensity information necessary for polarization measurement with one exposure. Moreover, the sampling rate of this novel image sensor is 1,000-fold faster than that of the conventional systems because the polarizers are connected to unique parallel reading circuits.

A unique holographic marker enables true 3D motion analysis to be obtained through use of a single   camera,    negating   the   need  for  complex multi-camera and calibration processes which in turn require complex analysis. The Photron 6D-marker provides 3D data of the X, Y and Z axis, as well as 6DOF (roll, pitch and yaw) from one view point.