We use two synchronized Photron SA2 cameras to record predatory flights, which last as little as ¼ of a second. In the field the temperatures reach 35 degrees (celsius) with 98% humidity and the animals are free to fly away at any point. It is challenging and intensive work but we found the reliability of the hardware under such conditions to be outstanding. We are also time limited, and features that have increased the number of successful trials recorded include being able to use any of our lenses and recording at low light by using an IR light (which is detected by the camera sensor but not by the animals). The ease of use means that anyone in our team can set them up quickly. Crucially, we found the software to be very flexible, intuitive and always reliable, with functions that greatly improved our efficiency.

Paloma Gonzalez- Bellido – Lecturer in Physiology, University of Cambridge, UK