Traditional 3D measurement techniques require a minimum of two cameras, precisely located through a complex calibration procedure, to produce multiple data streams that must then be crunched to produce precise 3D or 6D data. The new holographic 6D-Marker from Photron, a world leader in high-speed photo instrumentation, provides engineers with the ability to record and plot true 6DOF (six-degree of freedom) coordinate data from a single camera.

As the marker is moved the ‘holographic bars’ on two sides are tracked by the Photron LightTrack™ software to produce precise 6D (X, Y, Z, angle, pitch and yaw) data. Furthermore, the unique QR code in the markers center provides each marker with a unique identifier to enable multiple points to be tracked.

Photron LightTrack™ software can track either pre-recorded or real time image sequences – dependent on the camera used and image resolution.

  • 3D Coordinate space calibration allowing for automatic tile pattern recognition
  • X, Y, Z Coordinate tracking
  • Angle tracking: roll, pitch, yaw
  • Requires a single camera supported by Windows standard driver like the Photron FASTCAM series
  • Live image tracking
  • Movie tracking
  • AVI readable movie format
  • CSV (coordinate, angle) tracking data format
  • Rotate, zoom, pan/tilt, track display all during 3D viewing

One camera. Unlimited possibilities.
A single camera can now capture six degrees of freedom by shooting this innovative state of the art motion tracking marker. The Photron 6D-Marker can output and save 3D coordinates / angle data (6Dof) in real time. It is 10 times more accurate than former measurement methods*. Photron makes it easy to define 3D coordinate space without having the need for multiple cameras saving you time and money.

Specifications are under development and subject to change without notice.
* Tested by Photron engineers.