Wide-Range Birefringence Measurement Systems

The WPA-Kamakiri Wide-Range Birefringence Measurement System provides the perfect means to resolve very low levels of residual stress in transparent materials such as glass, acrylic, polymers, etc.

Utilizing a photonic crystal polarizer sputtered directly, on a pixel-by-pixel basis, onto the 5µm square pixels using Photonic Lattice’s© proprietary technology, the WPA-Kamakiri measures the birefringent retardation at three different wavelengths (525nm, 543nm and 572nm – user can select one or all three wavelengths) with a repeatable retardation resolution of better than 1nm. Through the polarization algorithm employed, the camera provides a usable resolution of 852 polarization pixels wide by 680 tall.

The native 5MP polarization camera with quarter wave plate is mounted atop a precision rack and pinion column to enable coverage of the material on the LED illuminated work surface, providing coverage from 97mm x 77mm through to 290mm by 231mm (roughly A4 sized) with a measurement range of 0 – 3500nm.

The easy to use WPA-Viewer software enables easy display of retardation (nm) and polarization fast axis, as well as convenient Line Analysis, Area Analysis, 3D-View, Length Gauge and a handy report template function that enables users to quickly output user defined test report PDF’s at the push of a button, plus Stokes Parameters and/or Retardation Data as text files. 

The WPA-Kamakiri system comprises of the LED illuminated work surface, camera and filter wheel mounted on the precision rack and pinion column, and a dedicated Windows 10 desktop workstation with bespoke frame grabber.

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Color Retardation Display:                                    Main Axis Color Display: