Case Studies / Application Notes

Improving Welding, One Image at a Time

At Photron our high-speed cameras enable welding companies to better improve their products. The high-speed video is replayed in slow motion to enable them to understand exactly what is happening during the welding process. When the video is reviewed it can show where mistakes or problems are occurring or help determine if there is a… Read more »

Fixing Production Line Problems As They Occur

When speaking to facilities managers about their biggest concerns—no matter the specific industry or product—there’s one universal, resounding issue: faults on the production line. In so many facilities, it’s often difficult to locate these faults, especially if they’re intermittent in nature, and fix them in time before they become very costly. However, there’s also one way… Read more »

New Uses for Your I/O Signals

Most Photron users are familiar with the I/O cable that comes with the camera, but not as familiar with the capability it provides them. To simplify how the TTL signal works think of it as an “on/off” switch controlled by voltage. The switch is off (or low) when the TTL signal is at 0 volts… Read more »

How to Record While Downloading

Photron Fastcam Viewer (PFV) can be configured in such a way so as to enable your Fastcam SA-X2 to record to one memory partition while another partition is being automatically saved to the PC. How to record while downloading (using 3 partitions) To record during saving, follow the steps below. Split the memory into a… Read more »

High Speed Digital Camera Enables Study of Combustion Systems

There is much talk these days about alternate fuel sources: biofuels from plants and organisms or fuel from used cooking oil and other reclaimed sources. Users are seeking lower emissions, renewable sources that are biodegradable and safer production. When studying these alternatives or traditional gas and diesel fuels, it is important to understand their properties… Read more »

Photron Show High Speed Cameras for Automotive Vehicle Testing

As we have done every year since the show first started in 2003, Photron will be exhibiting at this year’s Automotive Testing Expo to be held once more at The Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Michigan from Tuesday, October 23rd through to the 25th.  We will be once again showcasing our unique high speed cameras… Read more »

Photron continues Research Support

With the recent donation of a Fastcam SA5 high-speed camera to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Edgerton Center, Photron continues its program of educational research and development. With a variety of slow motion cameras already delivered to several major educational establishments, including the Kettering University Collaborative Research Center for Automotive Safety and Human Factors… Read more »