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Slowmo Limited is a high-speed camera rental company that has been operating successfully since 2003. During that time we have covered all types of applications ranging from ballistics to production lines, scientific studies to television programs. Photron has always adapted to the technological advancements within the high-speed camera and imaging industries and focuses its services accordingly. Since the formation of Slowmo, Photron products have been integral in its continued success. Photron provides excellent support and advice, and this ultimately means that Slowmo can provide the best service for it’s customers, both in terms of cameras and technical know-how. Investment is made every year in new Photron cameras. Slowmo and Photron eagerly share high-speed experiences, thus providing a basis for reliability and performance.

Mark Johnson – Director,

Manchester, UK

We use two synchronized Photron SA2 cameras to record predatory flights, which last as little as ¼ of a second. In the field the temperatures reach 35 degrees (celsius) with 98% humidity and the animals are free to fly away at any point. It is challenging and intensive work but we found the reliability of the hardware under such conditions to be outstanding. We are also time limited, and features that have increased the number of successful trials recorded include being able to use any of our lenses and recording at low light by using an IR light (which is detected by the camera sensor but not by the animals). The ease of use means that anyone in our team can set them up quickly. Crucially, we found the software to be very flexible, intuitive and always reliable, with functions that greatly improved our efficiency.

Paloma Gonzalez- Bellido – Lecturer in Physiology, University of Cambridge


As an additive manufacturing researcher, I am often trying to capture images of small phenomena that change brightness quickly. The AX200 has worked really well for me. The software interface is easy to use and the high light sensitivity allows me to get clear images with little motion blur.

Brian Fisher – Carnegie Mellon University


Photron Ltd provided an excellent product (FASTCAM SA-Z 2100K) and outstanding technical support for our research group (led by Professor Peter D Lee at the Research Complex at Harwell and University College London). Our group is a core team of the EPSRC Manufacturing Hub in Manufacture using Advanced Powder Processes (MAPP) Our aim is to gain new insight into powder based processes, such as laser additive manufacturing (LAM), using high-speed imaging.

The Photron camera was used with our custom built LAM process replicator and synchrotron X-rays to take images inside the laser-material interaction zone. This enabled non-invasive observation of the molten pool and defect dynamics during LAM. The very high quality and low noise images taken by the SA-Z only require a minimal amount of image processing to extract the features of interest. We are delighted to partner up with Photron on this exciting piece of research.

Dr. Chu Lun Alex Leung – Postdoctoral Research Associate, University College London

London, UK