High-Speed Imaging

What is a High-Speed Camera?
A High-Speed camera can record split second phenomenon at high frame rates, and then replays the images as super slow motion movie.
High-Speed Camera System
How to record a slow motion video?
Regular video cameras record at 20 or 30 frames per second (fps) depending on your countries television standard. High-Speed cameras record at considerably more than that – anywhere from 60 to over one million frames per second before replaying, in slow motion, at conventional TV rates. This enables us to see events that would be lost between the frames of a conventional 30 fps video camera. We further freeze motion by using very fast shutter times, down to hundreds of nanoseconds, independent of the framing rate selected, that remove any blur from even the fastest moving projectiles or events.
When is a High-Speed Camera required? Where is it used?
High-Speed Cameras are used in various fields; many are used at public/ private research institutes, universities, and research departments at industrial companies. For example, we often have a chance to watch the movie of car crash safety test. Not just for demonstration, researchers analyze the image data to better understand the interaction of the car and its occupants, and what part needs to be improved.

Car crash test