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Photron FASTCAM Analysis Software (PFA) Webinar

PFA software description: PFA was designed to be used as a powerful optional motion analysis accessory for our Photron FASTCAM Viewer (PFV), the camera control software for FASTCAM cameras. With PFA, it is possible to analyze motion within an image sequence directly imported from PFV to measure displacement, velocity and acceleration, which can then be… Read more »

Photron Introduces PhotoCam SpeederV2 – Portable, Standalone High-Speed Camera System for Production Fault-Finding

SAN DIEGO, CA -– August 1, 2016 -– Photron USA, Inc. A global leader and manufacturer of high-speed digital cameras and software for slow motion analysis, introduces the PhotoCam SpeederV2. The portable, standalone high-speed camera system is specially designed for production fault-finding. Intuitive and easy to use, the camera system allows workers to quickly view… Read more »

Photron In The Press of Photonics West (Video)

This year at Photonics West, Andrew Bridges with Photron focused on his company’s line of miniature high-speed cameras. Watch the video for information on their low-cost Mini UX series, the mini AX series which is the industry’s most light-sensitive high-speed camera, and the Mini WX series – a 4MP camera capable of 1000 FPS at… Read more »

Photron 2015 Year in Review

Highlights: Mini AX200 release. Speeder release. 2015 started as it so often does with two shows the first week of January! The SICB  experimental biology conference was held in West Palm Beach where we showed our low cost high-speed video camera, the FASTCAM Mini UX50 which starts at under $20K. We also attended the AIAA’s… Read more »

Photron is ‘Number 1’ in Boston this Month… And Always First-Choice for High-Speed Digital Imaging of Fluid Dynamics and Materials Research

First things first… When it comes to the 68th Annual Meeting of the American Physical Society (APS) Division of Fluid Dynamic (DFD), we’re number one – that’s because we’re exhibiting in booth #1 in Exhibit Hall C of the Hynes Convention Center! At the APS meeting this year, we’ll be participating with the other exhibitors… Read more »

Get into the Picture with Photron!

As the world’s leading manufacturer of high speed digital imaging systems, we’re attending many expos this fall to bring our top-quality cameras and systems to industry professional and customers. We value interacting with our past customers as well as introducing ourselves to those interested in new, state-of-the-art technologies. A trade show offers us the opportunity… Read more »

Improving Welding, One Image at a Time

At Photron our high-speed cameras enable welding companies to better improve their products. The high-speed video is replayed in slow motion to enable them to understand exactly what is happening during the welding process. When the video is reviewed it can show where mistakes or problems are occurring or help determine if there is a… Read more »

High-Speed Camera Design With Amazing ISO 40,000 Monochrome and ISO 16,000 Color Light Sensitivity

Photron is proud of our reputation to bring outstanding high-speed video cameras to a wide range of industries and for a variety of applications. We have the resources to improve each generation of cameras by adding benefits that have been dismissed by others. Benefits we value to bring to our customers are superb reliability, lightweight… Read more »

The Keys To Finding Your Perfect High Speed Camera

You want to conduct a test or record in slow motion an action that may occur is split seconds, but how do you know which high-speed camera will do for your specific needs? Photron is the home of high-speed photography and has become trusted by leading research customers worldwide and today we are here to… Read more »

High-Speed Cameras – and Equally Exciting Education

At Photron, there are many things we love about our industry and what we do. As we provide our high-speed cameras to clients, we know we are an integral part of helping them achieve their goals—whether it’s decreasing material deformation in military applications or eliminating faults in a manufacturer’s production line. We also know that… Read more »

Fixing Production Line Problems As They Occur

When speaking to facilities managers about their biggest concerns—no matter the specific industry or product—there’s one universal, resounding issue: faults on the production line. In so many facilities, it’s often difficult to locate these faults, especially if they’re intermittent in nature, and fix them in time before they become very costly. However, there’s also one way… Read more »

Material Deformation Kinematics Captured by High-speed Digital Cameras at 10,000 Frames Per Second

Material deformation is something most people don’t think about too often. But researchers and engineers think about it a great deal. It can have a bearing on ballistics and military applications, your cell phones ability to survive your dropping it, the performance of roadside barriers, such as those large water or sand containers that surround… Read more »

The Future of High Speed Imaging Technology

The world of camera technology is fast-paced. Literally, for us at Photron—after all, we are the worldwide leader of high-speed photography. But in general, it’s an industry in which innovation is moving at lightning speed, and technological leaps and bounds are made in mere seconds. That’s why it’s critical to stay several steps ahead. One… Read more »

Save the Dates: Photonics West and WestPack 2015

When you’re the world’s leader in high-speed photography, you get excited about every opportunity to get your product and people out there. That’s why we at Photron get especially excited about the prospect of exhibiting at trade shows; we can show off our incredible technology while interacting with friends and peers, meeting new people, and… Read more »

Get To Know Photron

Photron was established in the year 1974 and was actively involved in the production, sales and service of professional film and video equipment, and photo-instrumentation. They also offered photo optics and electronic technologies to manufacturing industries, medical field, film laboratories, major movie and television studios, as well as to the military worldwide. After building its… Read more »

New Uses for Your I/O Signals

Most Photron users are familiar with the I/O cable that comes with the camera, but not as familiar with the capability it provides them. To simplify how the TTL signal works think of it as an “on/off” switch controlled by voltage. The switch is off (or low) when the TTL signal is at 0 volts… Read more »

NEW! Photron expands the FASTCAM Mini range and capabilities

In addition to re-engineering the FASTCAM Mini UX100 to withstand 100G’s in all six axis, Photron has also added a lower specification derivative, the FASTCAM Mini UX50 with full 1,280 by 1,024 pixel operation to 2,000 frames per second (fps). The UX50 also provides true 720 HD resolution (1,280 x 720 pixels) to 2,500fps and can operate… Read more »